Welcome to my unmaintained website. I am the bloody cat, also known as Kelvin.

Update: here or hereis a low quality video of me playing fetch.(requires realplayer)

I was acquired by my slave from the RSPCA in February 2002 at about 6 months old when I looked something like this.

photo of Kelvin when new

Unfortunately I'm not a terribly bright creature and had an argument with a car at the end of May 2002 resulting in a fractured hip and tail (which had to be removed) so I currently look like this.

The all new improved 20% off Kelvin

Here I am again in one of my favourite places whilst still recovering from my accident. Lying right by the front door ready to be hit when anyone comes in (see I told you I wasn't terribly bright).

Kelvin lying in a not particularly sensible place

For the terminally bored (or stupid) there are some more photos here.

Occasionally I am very naughty and bring back some of the local wildlife.
Kills to date(11/02/05):
mice 6
birds 2
Eventually this site might have lots of other useless stuff but in the meantime here is a photo of the original bloody cat, Baker, who unfortunately died in August 2001.

photo of Baker.